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You want engagement, virality, retweets, likes, shares, followers, and all the other good things that come to social media marketers. If your social media management doesn’t promote this kind of activity, then it’s not even worth it to keep trying!

So the question is, what kind of social media content gets that kind of love? More importantly, what kind of content gives you the most value?

“Value” here is defined in terms of revenue, ROI, KPIs, and engagement. You want to spend your content marketing money in ways that have a substantial return on your investment. That’s the whole point of social media, right?

So, rather than act on hunches, your mood, or what you ate for breakfast, let’s look at the data. In this article, I want to show you exactly what types of content will give you the greatest value.

Infographics are the most socially shared form of content.

In 2013, Slideshare reported: “The data’s in: Infographics have more virality than presentations and documents!”

It’s still true.

Noah Kagan of SumoMe recently conducted one of the most massive social sharing studies in the history of the planet. He and his team crunched data from over 100 million articles.

Here’s what they discovered.

What type of posts typically receive a lot of shares?…Infographics.

The data indicates that infographics claim the top spot.

Infographics are incredibly engaging. Since humans process visual information faster than words, it only makes sense.

The human brain tells us “reading is hard” and “looking is easy.”

An infographic uses the power of visually appealing content to trick the brain into reading. Besides, we understand the content better when it’s paired with pictures.

If you want truly valuable social media activity, focus on emotion. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.

Emotion is a universal language that evokes similar responses everywhere.

Obviously, your emotional language will vary according to your audience and their particular demographic makeup. Broadly speaking, however, emotional language in social media will produce valuable results.

You want to post valuable content.

Now that you know the most shareable types of social media content, what should you do?

You may choose to produce this kind of content and share it on your social channels.

That would be fine. But first, let me suggest something else.

Before you share anything, learn what your audience wants. Remember, just because something has data-backed share value does not mean that it’s going to give you the same results.

Your audience might want something different entirely. They may react favorably to a list post but completely ignore a newsworthy post.

The best method is to make sure you know your audience, analyze your data, test different types of social media content, and develop a powerful strategy.

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