Now, through the magic of technology — probably a program called Celemony Melodyne, if you want to spoil the magic — some musical enthusiasts are doing just that, with the original versions of famous songs. Here are some of the better examples, for your (happy) listening pleasure: This version of REM’s moodyRead More →

The Song is the most obscure book of the Old Testament. Whatever principle of interpretation one may adopt, there always remains a number of inexplicable passages, and just such as, if we understood them, would help to solve the mystery. And yet the interpretation of a book presupposes from theRead More →

Songs have been a common feature of young learner classrooms for decades, and numerous publications describe how songs should be employed in order to improve motivation and facilitate the acquisition of various aspects of language, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and listening skills. However, empirical research examining the effects of songsRead More →